Monday, February 13, 2012


What is Ultrabook?

Ultrabook can be regarded as a new genre that would soon flood the computer market. Ultrabook created by combining the convenience of using a pc tablet with the productivity capabilities of a high-powered notebook. Dimensions are thin, light weight, instant on (directly ready for use when turned on), and battery life in standby condition is desirable from a tablet. However, the lack of productivity of a tablet makes it less reliable when asked to work hard. All these aspects are combined in an Ultrabook.

Basically Ultrabook will have several aspects:

     Dimensional thin, less than 20 mm on the thick side
     Instant on, making it ready for use in a matter of seconds after turned on
     Using an Intel Core i3, i5, i7 or second generation (Sandy Bridge) type of ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) which makes high performance with minimum battery life of 5 hours when used on the move.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creating favicon with GIMP software

      Sites or blogs on the Internet generally have a favicon, an image / icon as a sign of site or blog. Favicon will appear with the title of the site in the address bar. It’s also used on a site bookmark. This will make it easy to identify a site or blog from the image / icon.

       Image / icon that is used as the favicon should be square (16x16) with “.ico” file extensions. How to make a favicon? Create a favicon is actually not too difficult. Favicon can be made using Photoshop software from Adobe, but this software (originally) quite expensive. Favicon can also be created using free software like GIMP, an alternative solution for photoshop. The software can be obtained free of charge from the Internet (just ask google, where to download it!)

        This time I will try to explain step by step, how to make a favicon with GIMP software. First , of course you must already have the GIMP software installed on your computer. Open/run the software, then click "File", then "new". Enter the size of the image : "width" = 16 and "height" = 16 pixels (16x16), then click "OK". On the displaying window will visible a square that according to the size of the image that we will create. To facilitate the work or the design icon that we created, we can enlarge the window size. Click view select Zoom 8:1 (800%), or more, it is up to you. Then you can start creating images that will be used as a favicon inside that square field. Once the design is finished, It is just need to save the favicon. Click "File" then "save as". In the window that appears, than type the name of the icon with the extension. Ico, or click the "Select file type (by extension)" and select "Microsoft Windows icon." (Ico) and then click "save". Your favicon was done and It can be put on your site or blog. Put or create a favicon to a blog on blogspot (Blogger) now is also quite easy.


       At the earlier time, Computer was refer to human computer, a man that which the job was count or do arithmetic calculations, with or without assistive devices.

       Along with the changing times, people start trying to develop tools to perform arithmetic calculations that are considered to be quite difficult. Starting from simple tools such as the abacus evolved into mechanical/electrical tool, which then become more dominant in the calculation job which was later named computer.

       So the computer was originally a calculating machine. The work done with computers almost always associated with problems of arithmetic. But then the computer use for many tasks and occupations, not just those related to mathematics alone. Computers are now used in almost every field of work. Development of Internet technology is also increasingly expanding use of computers.

       By the time, definition of computer as a calculating machine is no longer appropriate given to today's modern computers. Computers today can be interpret as the equipment used to process data into specific information, according to the procedure have been formulated. Such data may include numbers, letters or words and the resulting information can be signed articles, graphics etc. Another definition from Wikipedia: a Computer is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to choose the best flash memory card?

         Currently there are many Flash Memory Card brands, in addition to the brand that brought by the device itself (such as Hand phone, Digital Camera, etc.). So, how to choose the right product for our devices?

         Do not stare at price! Cheap or expensive price is not always related to product quality. Cheap price may have negative connotation, but the expensive one may don’t have better quality!

         Flash Memory prices are always fluctuated, because it is influenced by supply and competition. Buy the product when you need it. No matter it price will increase or decrease later. Do not buy directly in a store. Visit another just to compare.

         Always use the best & trusted brand. Trusted brands usually have long existed and were well known.

         Select the appropriate technology with your device. Check if the device is using the SD Card, MMC +, Mini SD, or other?

         Look for reliable After Sales Service, easy with a lifetime warranty (lifetime warranty).

         It should have a dedicated website, that up-to-dated and accessible. It shows that the product and the company are trusted.

 You can choose flash memory card with spaces according to your need. Just for example, this flash memory card may fit your need:
Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC Card (TS16GSDHC10)Memory Cards), compare it! and you'll got what you need.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creating a favicon in Blogspot Blog (Blogger).

         How to create a favicon for a blog on Blogspot (Blogger)? To create a favicon for a blog on Blogspot (Blogger) before was used to be a little bit more complicated, because we have to hosting the image file (icon) for our favicon somewhere else, then add the script on the blog template that redirects the favicon on that file. Sometimes our favicon still not appear or visible on the blog, because Blogspot (Blogger) itself has a default favicon to display and problem may occur when load the icon from it’s location.

          But now, make a favicon on blogspot (Blogger) is quite easy. Blogspot(Blogger) has been giving the facility on it’s blog to settings favicon that are fairly easy to use. First of course we must have image (icon) that we will make to become our blog favicon. Image (icon) that we use as a favicon should be rectangular / square (16x16). It should have an extension that generally use for favicon file(. Ico), which indicates that the file is an icon file. Using a file with another extension will make the favicon may not visible on some browsers.

          Next, you have to log in to your Blogspot (Blogger) account, open the design menu (click “design” button on your blog’s menu on your dashboard, On your blog layoutyou’ll find favicon item that located at the top left corner of the layout (design) of your blog. Click “edit” to edit the default favicon Blogspot (Blogger). On the Configure favicon menu click “browse” and select the image that you will make to be your favicon (it must already be prepared in advance) Once the upload is complete you just have to save it! And it’s done !. The icon that uses as a favicon will appear at the layout design of the blog. Sometimes our blog favicon does not appear immediately when we try to see or view it. This is possibly caused by the browser cache that still keeps previous favicon. Wait a while, refresh it or delete the browser cache, then the favicon will appear in the browser's blog.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Computer network

         Computer network is a system of a computer connected to another computer with the help of certain devices and media that work together. Judging from the sense or meaning of that definition was in a computer network comprises at least two computers, tools and media liaison. Computer network can also consist of thousands of computers with a very wide range of locations, spanning the entire world like the internet, because the internet basically is a computer network. 
         Computer network was made for for a specific purpose such as resource efficiency with usage of the resources together: for example the use of shared printers, scanners, etc; Communications: for example, electronic mail (e-mail), information or data access: accessing customer data in a bank or access the website in the internet.
         Auxiliary devices in a network can be hardware i.e. network card (network interface card / NIC) installed on each computer and interconnection equipment such as Hub, Bridge, Switches etc. Other device in the form of software (software) is a network operating system software (Noss) which serves to make the management of network systems, for example: Windows for Workgroup etc.

        Connection medium or medium of data transmission in computer networks can be either wired or wireless such as radio or microwave.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Google Blocks Subdomains.

         Google has blocked about some 11 million subdomain sites to cut down on malware. The is a domain owned by a Korean web site - It doesn’t belong to any country. The service is fully legitimate and has nothing to do with spam, but it offers free subdomain names and only charges for bulk orders. This free services has attracted a ton of unwanted attention.It’s been so popular that a big chunk of spam originates from this domain.

         If you have a site/sites with subdomain, they won’t show up in Google search results. Even that you’ll still be able to access them, it will deeply decrease your site traffic because traffics usually com from search engine. While Google was known as the most popular search engine, it will have a big effect on your site traffics. Another interesting or might be important thing to remind is that Google’s Adsense program, which is used across the web, was also blocked to sites. Which mean loss of a way to monetize your site.